Shipping / Delivery

When will my items arrived after my order marked as shipped?
> That depends on the following location and if you have not choose "Pick Up From Store":
> Sabah & Sarawak: 3 to 6 business days (usually it arrives within 4 business days)
> Other Malaysia area: 1 to 5 business days (usually it arrives within 2 business days)

When will we shipped your precious items out after you made an order?
> After your order status changed to "Processing" we will pack and ship your items immediately before 6pm MYT (Malaysia Time).

> If order status changes after 6pm MYT, we will ship immediately next morning. Delivery will be onhold on Sunday and major Public Holidays.

Can I schedule a delivery time and date?
> YES & NO. Yes you can schedule which date to START the shipping. No we could not accurately estimate the shipping DURATION. Best to refer to above for usual delivery duration.

Why don't DFARO offer international shipping?
> Talk to us here, we will work things out.

Can DFARO deliver to my office and/or someone representing me to take it?
> YES & YES. Here is what you can do, give your order print out, copy of Identification Card (IC) and stating the name of the person you allow to receive your goods. Show it to the delivery guy.

Can DFARO do superfast shipping?
> Try talking to us on our support or insert your request in the note right before paying.